The Electorate share a playlist of their favourite songs and sonic influences

From Coda Chroma to Leah Senior, The Electorate know their shit when it comes to fantastic tunes. Here’s a playlist of their top inspirations.

By now, we’ve had some time to get acquainted with The Electorate‘s debut album You Don’t Have Time To Stay Lost. Trust us when we say that this is a record that ripens every single time it is spun. With each play, you pick up on nuances that you had originally missed and sonic structures that you had originally glossed over.

You Don’t Have Time To Stay Lost is an album that becomes richer with age, meaning that it is in for the long run. Taking some time out from the release schedule, drummer Nick Kennedy was kind enough to share a playlist of the band’s inspirations and all-time favourite tunes for a little more insight into their music.

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Leah Senior – Time Traveller

This track is from the third album by Melbourne artist Leah Senior, released on King Gizz‘s label Flightless: although it has no sonic similarities to that band at all. If anything, it reminds us of something Linda Thompson or Joni Mitchell would do around 1974. It has that beautiful swing and scant evident when tracking to the computer grid, which is something that’s been mentioned about our album as well.

The Apartments – What’s Beauty To Do?

Great question, Peter Milton Walsh. 2020 has thrown up a lot of unanswered queries, but none so beautifully articulated than this one from the latest Apartments album. Full disclosure, this song features two-thirds of The Electorate and was produced by their producer so, Media Watch, don’t bother knockin’!

Buddy Glass – If You Sail Out

The third album from Sydney artist is called Wow & Flutter and this track is a breezy highlight among many other peaks. Full disclosure, the video for this song and artwork for the album was produced by the other third of The Electorate, but we’d love it regardless.

Coda Chroma – Water

CC is Kate Lucas and, along with her producer partner Damian Charles, she paints sonic vignettes that marry great songs to widescreen productions. Last year’s Inside The Still Life is a masterclass in beautifully sung, slightly melancholy songs, which this is a prime example of.

Swans – Leaving Meaning

New York’s Swans have been an off/on thing since their noisy days in the ’80s. The title track from their last album features a foundation by The Necks, who are our local heroes. Two-thirds of The Electorate played on a session with their wonderful pianist Chris Abrahams in a previous life, and this track sounds like a gateway to another dimension.

The Electorate – Lost At Sea

The triangle formation of our band came in handy as we summoned the voodoo for this penultimate track on our debut album. Musically, it describes the literal and metaphorical journey of a person’s soul from turmoil to awakening.

Wire – Shadows

A very simple mood piece, that hits the gut square-on, from a long-standing band that’s always believed the ensemble is everything.

Neneh Cherry – Kong

We went to see her play a rare Sydney show at the Seymour Centre, in support of her wonderful Broken Politics album, and she lit up the room for two hours. From this song right through to Buffalo Stance, out-fucking-standing.

Natalie Prass – Oh My

Reminiscent of Wendy & Lisa, two figures who had a rare but large influence on the music of Prince in the years they played with him, this piece has such a deep groove and is so sparse, like all the best funk.

Hot Snakes – I Need A Doctor

The two-album gag by Grinderman that covers the deterioration of the male, condensed here into an under three-minute burst of visceral wonder. The track also features the best right hand in the business of electric guitar, John Reis.

The The – Good Morning, Beautiful

Another show we attended as a band was the return of Matt Johnson at the Opera House. His songs were something we bonded over in our young years and the show was fantastic. It’s true that, these days, you can record music for less time and money than the old days. But, when you hear this, you are reminded of how time and money can benefit an art form if your ideas are as huge as Matt’s.

Check out their full playlist below. After you’re done there, have a listen of The Electorate’s debut album here.

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