Sydney’s indie darlings The Wattles unleash a shimmering new single

Traversing the treacly sentiments of what it means to be an observer, The Wattles are far from unheard on their new track Invisibility.

We first met The Wattles on the innocent side of 2020. Now, at the tail end of the year that’s been, they are bursting at the seams with experience. Measured and momentous, the build on their latest curation is transcendental.

From their beginnings as an acoustic duo to a fully fleshed-out four-piece, Invisibility is a true testament to a year of musical growth. 2020 has seen them release a string of addictive tracks. On their latest one, they meld together a concoction of indie-rock rhythms, with a ballad-inspired bone structure. It’s a song to sit with but also one to move to. The Wattles are fast solidifying themselves as a tactful, femme-led outfit.

Photo: Liv Jansons

Purposeful keys and military-esque drums immediately weave a tantalising duet. A more complex story is built on top with quickened guitar work, electric organ, and a melodic bass lines. The pathway for Invisibility is a gradual and sneaky crescendo, never backtracking but continuously climbing in a burgeoning trajectory: much like their career as a band.

Lead singer Lucy Murray stamps the track with its Aussie sentiments. Her unapologetic accent and lingering notes perpetuate a warm-bodied intimacy. Much like The Wattles’ namesake, Invisibility signposts their native flair for decoration. They seamlessly thread breathy harmonies into the final throws of the less-than-three-minute track, glittering with cymbals.

Conceptually speaking, the track laments on the dichotomy of being a wallflower:

“The concept came about after the bands lead singer Lucy Murray, wondered what it would be like to secretly walk through places that had always intimidated her,” the band’s bio reads. “Without the barrier of fear, she wondered, if she might feel free? (The track)…sheds light on the contradiction of; desiring to be invisible and fearless, yet disliking the idea of being a ‘bystander’ and ‘inanimate’”

Thus, appealing to these saccharine themes of Invisibility, an intense conceptual video was created at the hands of Daniel Swinton and Gary Morris. “We often feel separate from the world around us, despite being constantly surrounded. Caught in our own worlds, we often feel invisible,” Swinton muses about the track.

If you’re a fan of festival favourites The Jezabels and Of Monsters & Men, the endearing soundscapes of The Wattles are right up your alley.

Since July 2020, The Wattles have performed sold-out shows across the inner west. If you’re a Sydney local, grab a ticket to see them tonight (Dec 4th) at the Factory Theatre here.

Enjoy Invisibility on Spotify below.

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