Miss Elm spins an ethereal ode to long-distance intimacy on ‘Love Inside’

On her latest single, Miss Elm speaks to love in lockdown and our deeper understanding of intimacy that has emerged as a result.

Throughout the past few months, we have been forced to reconsider our understanding of space, connection, and relationships. In a world where physical connection no longer defines intimacy, we have had to come to peace with distance and emotional bonds. On her latest single, Miss Elm pens an ethereal ode to this transition.

Opening with a lush wall of acoustic melody, the artist’s spellbinding vocals wash over Love Inside, peppering the song with a gossamer quality. Overlaid harmonies and percussion add bite to the piece, with Miss Elm knowing exactly when to focus her sonic and when to unleash it into a limitless chorus. The song is soft and soothing without being mellow. Each chord is deeply rich and nuanced but in the most refreshing possible way. It’s a deeply compelling track.

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Armoured in otherworldly soundscapes, raw lyricism, and an enchanting vocal quality that brings the likes of Aurora to mind, Miss Elm is well known for her incredible songwriting. Love Inside is by no means an exception. In fact, it may be one of her strongest releases to date.

Intricate and detailed, the song elevates the dreamy-folk ballad into an expansive sonic territory, playing with textures and cadence that you would never expect. Throw her three-octave soprano range, a loop pedal, and months worth of stories into the mix, and what you are left with is a cinematic playbook of melody, dripping with intimacy and nuance.

“Love Inside is the triumphant follow up single to February’s divinely timed The Shape of Light EP, which enjoyed sell-out shows and an East Coast tour mere weeks before COVID restrictions were handed down,” the artist’s bio reads. “In the midst of love, loss, and lockdown, Love Inside was born: a testament to finding joy again, discovering the strength and wisdom within, and reminding humanity that we are not alone.”

Inspired by her involvement on the dating show Love in Quarantine, Love Inside looks at love and connection through the rose-coloured glasses of distance, reflecting on what we thought we knew about relationships and reconciling the deeper understanding that we possess today.

Check out the stunning track below:

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