Gypsys of Pangea chat their new music, Captain Goodvibes, and garden gigs

HAPPY: Hey guys thank you for joining me here in the studio. Thanks for playing our inaugural STFD show!

BAND: Thanks, it will be great to Stand The Fuck Up!

HAPPY: [Laughs] It’s Sit The Fuck Down!

BAND: We won’t be.

HAPPY: That is very true, I stand corrected. You guys will be playing with Fascinator!

BAND: Yeah, he’s cool!

HAPPY: Did you know he’s from Children Collide?

BAND: Yes, I noticed that. He does some really interesting music.

HAPPY: What have you guys been up to of late?

BAND: We’ve been working on an album actually, we’re about 90% of the way through and we’ve started getting our set together. We haven’t played since December last year. We have the energy built way up inside and we’re going to explode…on the 16th of October.

HAPPY: [Laughs] Wow, well we’ll have to tell our audience to bring some hats then. No, actually bring an umbrella, wait no, bring rain jackets!

BAND: [Laughs] Maybe some gumboots too cause the floor is gonna get sticky.

HAPPY: [Pause] You guys are known for your extracurricular activities…

BAND: [Cracks up laughing].

HAPPY: You also put on events?

BAND: We’ve decided, just now actually, that we are going to put on some events. We want to get the Gypping Point events back up and running, obviously we can’t do that for sometime, so we’re thinking of putting on some intimate backyard shows. We’ll be doing them in backyards around the inner west. We’re going to call them Garden Gigs, if Rose gets her way.

HAPPY: And does Rose always get her way?

BAND: No [laughs].

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