‘Genshin Impact’ starter guide: how to re-roll, level up, and combo

Genshin Impact officially went live on the 28th of September, an addictive new MMORPG full of personality. Here’s everything you need to get started.

Genshin Impact mixes its gacha origins with some strong The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild influences to create the ultimate fiesta of luck and skill.

The game features a collection of cute anime girls and boys, a beautiful open world to explore, and plenty of opportunities to polish your combat skills. The game is absolutely free (until you decide to spend money that is) and it’s available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and PC. Sorry, Xbox and Mac users.

genshin impact starter guide

Genshin Impact has always been described as a Breath of the Wild clone with anime aesthetics, which is certainly true. But this is more often a compliment than an insult – it takes some excellent execution to create an experience featuring everything that made Nintendo’s influential game so amazing.

Offering smooth gameplay at the cost of very few drawbacks, it’s hard to resist the allure of this rising MMO.

Re-roll guide

No gacha game is complete without a re-roll guide. Gacha games highlight a collection of units which can only be obtained through spending in-game currency, with the high-tiered premium units appearing at a lower rate. Often compared to gambling or loot-boxes, these gacha games have tempted many to empty their wallets.

The act of re-rolling consists of restarting a game to create the ideal starting team, thus creating an account worthy of investing into. However, Genshin Impact has strict policies on the practice, implementing bans on accounts with 5-star rolls yet limited game activity (to prevent selling accounts).

We have estimated the re-roll process to take up to 20 minutes, so it’s a little tedious and hardly recommended for anyone who simply wants to enjoy the gameplay. But we got you covered if you’re ready to enter this gacha-hell.

Or you could just destroy your wallet like this guy:

The requirement for the first 10-roll is completing the first main quest, meaning players will have to ignore all side quests and make a beeline for the primary objectives. We encourage everyone to sprint when possible and use the climbing function to overcome walls (trust us, taking the prescribed scenic route is inefficient). This will guarantee your first 10-roll within 20 minutes.

Newbies are offered four banners to roll from. The beginner banner, the Venti Banner, the weapons banner, and the basic banner. We recommend players to roll from the beginner banner first as it’s discounted and offers a guaranteed 4-star unit.

All newbies are given the premium in-game currency for free so be sure to check your inbox for some sweet rewards.


For optimal efficiency, we suggest players reach Adventure Rank 7 before resetting their accounts. Rank 7 allows the player to gain additional rolls and it only takes around five minutes to level up. We recommend the cooking and mining side quests (which are easy to do) and obtaining the Adventure Handbook from the Adventurer’s Guild for easy experience points.

As 5-star units come at a abysmally low rate of 0.6%, we urge players to give up on re-rolling before it consumes your sanity. The Venti banner becomes the main priority after the beginner banner as it offers a rate-up on 5-star units, but the weapons banner is recommended for players who have completed their ideal team of four.

Levelling guide

As with most MMOPGs, levelling up is crucial as it provides rewards. This can come in the form of adventurer, artifact, character, statue, and weapon levels. As the default protagonist and the guaranteed 4-star, Noelle are great beginner units to kick off your adventure with the bare essentials.

The adventurer level corresponds to your account, dictating the content you can access as the game splits the areas into loose level zones. Adventurer level is greatly raised by completing quests and dungeons, but opening chests and other little things in the field also contribute to this.

We suggest using the Adventure Handbook and visiting the Adventurer’s Guild for bonus quests and rewards.

genshin impact

Artifact and weapons are both equipment which can be improved. There are two ways of doing this: iron ore can be refined into fuel to level up weapons if you complete the blacksmith’s quest, or you can use dropped or rolled equipment as fuel. Most importantly, only consider heavily investing into 4-star plus weapons and saving duplicate ones to ascend them (this upgrades the weapons’ unique effect rather than increasing the stat bonus).

Gacha and MMO rules apply to levelling up characters, meaning they’ll receive experience from consuming tomes that are dropped or given as a reward, but they also receive experience from slaying enemies (most notably, bosses).

As characters become level-capped and require ascension to increase said cap, be sure to not over-invest into any single character.

Statue levels might be something Breath of the Wild fans are familiar with. Spirits are scattered all over the open world, barricaded with simple puzzles which must be solved to access each. Upon offering a certain amount of these spirits to the Statue of Seven, players receive permanents buffs. Be sure to mark these on the map when exploring!

genshin impact

Genshin Impact: the gameplay

Now that you have your ideal units or you’ve straight given up on re-rolling, it’s time to learn how the game mechanics work. Breath of the Wild fans can rejoice as it’s very similar to what they’ll know, but there are also some distinctive, more traditional RPG features that don’t exist in the Zelda games.

Remember, you have four characters to switch in and out of instantly, allowing for combo plays.

Combat is very important and every player should at least know the basics. The elements have a huge a impact in this game, with interactions making or breaking your team composition.

It’s advised that your team of four is balanced as you won’t ever stick with a single character — the game encourages you to switch and combo your elements together (much like weapon switching in Breath of the Wild). Thankfully, the game bookmarks and alerts you each time you find a new interaction.

For instance, Cryo + Hydro = Frozen, working on enemies as well as the environment.

Players should also be looking to combo their abilities to produce higher DPS. The cooldown animation between your basic attacks allows for skills to be weaved in, meaning a stream of left clicking can be alternated by a quick E or Q.

Furthermore, Genshin Impact isn’t a mindless hack-and-slash, so you should definitely be watching your opponents. Right clicking allows you to dodge attacks, encouraging a hit-and-run style of play.

Dungeons have recommended elements and require specific interactions to conquer. Bosses also have determined resistances and weaknesses, but even field mobs can be invincible if you use an element they’re immune to. Always be on the lookout to switch up your characters. The game always prompts enemy weak points and hints, so be sure to pay attention to these alerts.

The key takeaway here is that this game is beautifully designed and can be played even without the high-tiered units. Luck is a skill but skill is also a skill – play the way that suits you best and, most importantly, have fun.

Check out the trailer above or download Genshin Impact for free on their official site.

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