Blue Gremlin pen an indie-rock ode to adolescence on their new single ’21’

On their sophomore single, Blue Gremlin blend the grandeur of The Cure, the honesty of Lou Reed, and Australian indie-rock into an ode to adolescence.

Sydney newcomers Blue Gremlin have officially smashed their way onto the scene with their sophomore single 21. Laced with irresistible energy and vibrant hits of synth, this is an indie-rock gem ready to soundtrack the rest of your summer.

Where their debut single The Gremlin burst with post-punk grit, 21 brings a cooling breeze, highlighting the band’s talent for introspective songwriting and honest lyricism. It’s a single that will have you pressing rewind for weeks.

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Growing up has never been easy and it seems to just get harder with every passing year. At its core, 21 is an anthem for those who are yet to figure it all out. Opening with a lightly reverbed riff that brings vivid memories of December to mind, 21 is a fresh, indie-rock track that speaks to that uncomfortable transition between childhood and adulthood.

“At 21, never have any fun. Don’t wanna turn 21… because at 21, I’m done,” frontman Harry Boxall sings. Tracing this relatable moment through nuances of depression, heartbreak, and addictive, the band manage to capture an experience that is both intimate and universal with remarkable clarity.

“Freshly formed in 2020, Sydney indie rockers Blue Gremlin are kicking the door down with their second single ‘21’, an energetic burst of synth-laced indie rock, on the existentialism of becoming an adult,” the band’s bio reads. “Musically inspired by The Cure & Oasis, but with the confessional lyricism of writers such as Lou Reed and Elliot Smith, Blue Gremlin is the studio creation of Harry Boxall, who performs with his band of gremlins to release the turmoil of depression, addiction, heartbreak, and loss, which permeates all of his writing.”

Throw in an air-tight rhythm section, perfectly balanced melodies, and sparkling synth bites, and you have an utterly irresistible track, delivered by Sydney’s upcoming indie-rock heavy-weights.

Check out 21 below:

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