Are you ready? AC/DC are about to make a comeback

Are AC/DC about to make a comeback? A series of clues sprinkled across the internet and around Sydney seem to point to yes.

Aussie icons AC/DC appear set for an imminent comeback after dropping numerous hints over the past two weeks.

It started when a series of photos were posted to their website. They were promptly deleted, but not before some eagle-eyed fans caught whiff of them. Now, posters have been spotted in Sydney.

ac/dc comeback
Photo: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Last week, Brazilian AC/DC fan site noticed some images which were temporarily posted to the band’s website. The photos seem to have been taken during a video shoot, which the fan site claims took place in the Netherlands earlier this year. They offer hints about the band’s potential new lineup: drummer Phil Rudd can be seen playing alongside guitarist Stevie Young, whilst Brian Johnson, who left the band in 2016 due to extensive hearing loss, is pictured on vocals.

Then, on Monday, the band took to social media to upload a mysterious clip featuring a red neon lightning bolt, accompanied by the hashtag “#PWRUP”.

Now, reports have emerged that cryptic posters have popped up outside co-founder Angus Young’s former high school in Ashfield. The posters feature the same branding, along with the words “PWR UP” and “Are you ready?”

All signs point to a new album with PRW UP as the title. I’m sure as hell ready.

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