3 Weird Reasons to Become a Business Owner

Starting a business is not for the faint-hearted; there is a lot of work to be done right at the start (and potentially ongoing, depending on how you intend to structure your business), with some long hours and a lot to consider from the basics of starting to launching to continuing in a profitable way.

To truly be happy taking on all of this hard work, perhaps additional work if you are starting a side hustle, you should have a good reason for starting your business. This might be because you know that you are a good leader, or perhaps that you want to make a better future for your family. It could be that you are unable to find a job elsewhere, so you have decided to create your own. Whatever the reason, if it’s a good one it will keep you focused.

However, there are some peculiar reasons that people cite when it comes to their reasons for starting a business. They might still keep you focused, but these weird reasons are much more likely to fade away when the hard work really starts. Let’s look at some of them and why they shouldn’t be the only reason you start your business.

To Become a Millionaire

Money is clearly important, and if you are starting a business it is definitely going to be something you need to consider. Yet starting your own business is not a guaranteed way to become a millionaire, and even if you do become extremely successful and start making a lot of money, it won’t happen right away; it will take many years of very hard work to get there.

For those who are starting a business just so they can become very rich and have a luxurious lifestyle within a few months (or even a few years), the idea’s shine is soon going to fade away if there are no other reasons behind the idea. Once they realize that the hard work has to come first, and that profits might not even become possible for a while when they are just starting, they might give up on the idea entirely and try something else.

Remember, becoming wealthy through running your own business is entirely possible, but you need to stick with it and be in it for the long haul. If you give up when you aren’t making what you want right away, you’ll never get there.

To Become Famous

The lure of fame is ever-present, and for some it’s just too much. They want to be well-known personalities, they want to be invited to all the best parties, and they want to be famous for being fantastic business people. Again, it can be done; think of the entrepreneurs on Shark Tank such as Katrina Lake, Mark Cuban, and Phil Crowley. They are all household names, but this didn’t happen by accident. First, they built up their business empires, and then they had access to agents and producers who were able to get them where they wanted to go.

Even if you are making a huge amount of money, just being good at business is no guarantee that anyone will ever hear of you. There are thousands of successful business people in the world who no one knows, but that doesn’t diminish their achievements. They might like the idea of being on TV or of being famous ‘for being famous’, but that isn’t why they started their business, so although it would be an added bonus, it’s not something they waste too much time on.

To Annoy Someone Else

When you go into business, you really need to want it. You will have worked for it, gaining experience over the years, maybe even going back to school to study for a masters in education UK distance learning or a specific business degree, or anything else that you think is going to help you. You will have missed out on family events and even vacations, just to get your idea off the ground.

Would you do all of this, work so hard and sacrifice so much to annoy someone else? Some people would. For some, the idea of becoming successful in business, even if it’s something they truly hate doing and it makes them utterly miserable, is enough to put themselves and their loved ones through these difficulties.

If you want to start a business for other reasons, and the fact that you can prove to someone else, someone who never thought you would make it, that you are good at what you do happens to be a by-product of that, you can enjoy the feeling. However, to make that your sole aim is weird, all it will do is make you unhappy, and in the end, no amount of revenge or satisfaction is worth that.

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