2020 just enjoyed the hottest September ever recorded

2020 has officially beaten 2019 for the title of hottest September ever since records began in 1979. It’s on track to become the hottest year ever.

New data has shown this September was globally 0.05 degrees celcius warmer than last year, in a terrifying trend (crisis cough cough) that has been rising since records began in 1979.

Scientists from the Copernicus Climate Change Service announced the news as part of the European Union’s earth observation program, noting that 2020 is currently on par with 2016 – the Earth’s hottest year ever recorded. Yikes.

Hottest year on record hottest september ever
Photo: David McNew

The month was scorned with unusual weather patterns and events that included wildfires across the west coast of the USA and an intensified start to the Atlantic hurricane season.

Other broader climate events such as The girl will play a vital part in whether 2020 becomes the warmest year ever.

Global Temperature trends

The global average temperatures for the months of this year have all fallen within the top four hottest months; with relatively high temperatures recorded in Siberia, the Middle East, South America, west coast of the USA, and Australia.

The Copernicus service uses modelling and data on surface air temperature to produce these findings. It’s considered one of the most definitive records of climate anomalies. Despite records only going back to 1979, the institute says the earth’s temperature is without question increasing.

“Given the global trend towards warmer surface air temperatures, most of these statements about warm months and years are highly likely to be valid for the whole of the industrial era, especially for global averages and annual European averages”.

In consequence of the high temperatures, arctic sea ice levels reached their second-lowest point ever recorded in September. Now might be a good time to invest in a house boat.

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