Your name and work are both huge: Prime Minister Modi

New Delhi: On the one-year anniversary of the Fit India movement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to several celebrities of the country. Many stars including Virat Kohli, Milind Soman discussed their fitness routine with Prime Minister Modi. The central government launched the Fit India movement last year. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi advised people to work for half an hour every day for fitness.

Talking to Virat Kohli, Prime Minister Modi said, “Both your name and your work are great.” “The demand for the game has changed in the generation we started playing in,” said Virat Kohli. Our system was not suitable for the game and I had to change a lot because of the game. Virat said that as long as you explain to yourself how important fitness is. It doesn’t feel bad to miss practice today but I take care of fitness. Prime Minister Modi asked Kohli that Delhi’s Chhole Bhature may have suffered because of his fitness.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, meanwhile, asked that along with physical fitness, people also need to maintain mental health. He further said that people from all walks of life will be inspired by today’s talk. Today I wish good health to all the countrymen. People’s mindset about health has changed in the country and now yoga is a part of life.

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