Why Asia Cup can be postponed because of India, PCB clarified

Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ehsan Mani on Sunday confirmed that if the Indian cricket team reaches the final of the World Test Championship, it could turn the tide on the Asia Cup to be held in June this year. He made it clear that the Asia Cup could also be postponed if India reached the final.

The Asia Cup may be postponed

Ehsan Mani told a press conference in Karachi that the Asia Cup was scheduled to be held only last year, but was postponed till 2021. Now it looks like the tournament will not be held this year as the final match of the World Test Championship is scheduled to be played in June. Sri Lanka said they would try to host the Asia Cup in June. Now the date of the Test Championship will clash with the Asia Cup and the tournament will not be played this year and it can be postponed till 2023.

PCB CEO Wasim Khan also said, “It looks like India will reach the final of the World Test Championship and the Asia Cup needs to be postponed.” He said India would face New Zealand in the final of the World Test Championship and the Asia Cup which was to be held in Sri Lanka could not be played this time. Although we are waiting for the result, but what will happen, but if it does not happen, we will plan its future.

The UAE could be another option to host the T20 World Cup 2021

Ehsan Mani said he had written a letter to the ISI and provided full information about India’s visas for Pakistani players for the T20 World Cup. He added that the T20 World Cup will be held in India in October-November this year. On this, we have asked the BCCI to write to us to issue visas to our players, cricketers and journalists. “If India can’t do that, the T20 World Cup should be held elsewhere,” he said. He said, “We have visas as well as the epidemic of Kovid-19 is a big problem. If it is not held in India, it can be held in UAE. On all these issues, the ISI has said it will be given a final verdict by March 31, Mani said.

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