West Indies great says he should have a similar pitch in the fourth Test

There has been talk of a pitch for the third Test so far, but West Indies great Vivian Richards has said he wants to see a similar track in the last Test of the series. India won the pink ball Test match in two days. The spinners benefited from this match. No batsman was able to survive on the pitch except Rohit Sharma. Critics have blamed the pitch for the batsmen’s failure.

Meanwhile, Indian opener Rohit Sharma has said that there is nothing wrong with the pitch. Captain Virat Kohli also said that the batsmen of both the teams performed poorly, due to which the match did not last for two days. Spinner R Ashwin also said that there was no defect in the pitch. Richards further said that batsmen should prepare themselves for such situations. The second Test match had a similar pitch on which Rohit and Ashwin scored centuries.

“I have been asked questions about the recent Test match in India,” Viv Richards said in a video shared on Facebook. There have been questions about the second and third Test matches against England and I am really a little confused about this question, because I think they are talking a lot about the wicket they were playing on. I just felt that people who are crying should understand in my opinion how to cope with a situation where the ball on the seeking track is coming from a good length. Everyone thinks there is a single pitch problem for batsmen, but sometimes batsmen have to face it. ”

He added, “But now you have seen the other side and that is why I think it was named Test match cricket because it is a test of mind and will. Complaints have been raised that the wicket is spinning too much. This arc is the other side of the people. People forget that you are going to India. You should expect the ball to spin there. You are going to play on the land of spinners. You should basically prepare yourself to know what you are going to do. ”

In the same episode, Viv Richards said, “It’s better to think about how the match ended so quickly. It gives England a chance to evaluate things, to believe that for some reason the wicket they are going to play in the fourth Test is going to happen. If I were India or I had something to do with wicket preparation, I would have planned a lot like this. “

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