Virat’s superb innings against CSK; Fans cheerful, say this about Anushka

New Delhi: Cricket is a game of uncertainties, it is difficult to say when it will happen. The IPL has become a tournament that has proved everything right this time. Now take Saturday’s match, in which Virat Kohli played a superb innings of 90, giving Royal Challengers Bangalore their best win against CSK.

Anushka’s praise for Virat’s superb innings

Now anyway, the credit for this innings should go to Virat Kohli. But seeing this innings of the social media world, people never tire of praising his wife and actress Anushka Sharma. Indeed, a photo is becoming increasingly viral right now. In the photo, Virat is kissing Anushka. Anushka is also reacting to it. Seeing that photo, fans now feel that Anushka’s hand is behind Virat’s form again. Many such tweets on social media are now viral.

One user writes- Anushka congratulates you. You get all the credit. Virat played well because of you. Now if they can fail because of Anushka, they can also succeed. This is logic. Other users write- I want all the trolls to appreciate Anushka Sharma. Give him credit for Virat’s innings. There are many tweets coming on social media where Virat-Anushka’s chemistry is being liked more than the match. One user wrote- Virat Kohli does 90 and goes to the pavilion. Anushka gives him a smile and cheers. This is love. My heart is full these two have become for each other.

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