The new ICC president has made a big statement on the India-Pakistan bilateral series

New Delhi: The new chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC), John Barclay, said on Monday that the ICC wants to see traditional rivals – India and Pakistan – play bilateral series on a regular basis. He also said he has no mandate to make sure this actually happens.

India and Pakistan have not played a single Test series against each other in the last few years due to constant diplomacy in political and diplomatic relations. Pakistan last visited India in 2007 for a three-match Test series, while India visited Pakistan 14 years ago.

After this, the Pakistan team last visited India in 2012 for the ODI and T20 series. In addition, he visited India four years later to participate in the 2016 T20 World Cup.

“I would not choose anything but a bilateral series between India and Pakistan,” Barclays told the media. Because they will be able to continue the cricket relationship as before. I also understand that there is a political game of playing a bilateral series here. There are issues that are beyond my jurisdiction. ”

“I think we will continue to do what we can to help the ICC,” he said. At the same time we want to continue to help and support in any way we can, so that we can bring results that can give India and Pakistan a situation where they can play regular cricket against each other and at home. ”

The new ICC president also said, “And, I don’t think I have the mandate or the ability to influence the results. It’s really being done at the level where we’re working. “If the governments of both India and Pakistan reach a final decision, the ICC will play a facilitating role,” Barclays said.

“Apart from the assurance they say from a cricketing point of view, we would like to bring those countries back regularly,” he said. The ICC will help. “

Pakistan is scheduled to visit India next year for the ICC T20 World Cup and then for the 2023 50-over Cricket World Cup. Then the issue of Pakistan’s visit to India may come up again.

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