On Rishabh Pant’s wicketkeeping, Syed Kirmani called Kasyo Tanj a mine of talent in batting.

Rishabh Pant showed play in the Test series against Australia and then batted in the first innings of the first Test against England. Every aspect of his batting is being praised, but he has been a bit weak at the front of wicketkeeping. Now, Syed Kirmani, a former wicketkeeper of Team India, said, “He is a talent mine when it comes to batting, but he is still a child in wicketkeeping. Kirmani compared Rishabh Pant to a child as a wicketkeeper.

Syed Kirmani said Rishabh Pant is a mine of talent and he is usually a shot sports batsman, but as a wicketkeeper he needs to learn a lot now. They also have to learn when to play big shots. Calling Rishabh Pant some of the tricks of wicketkeeping, he said that he needs to know about the basic technology in wicketkeeping which he does not have. A wicketkeeper can know what his ability is only when he stands close to the wicket. They can do good wicketkeeping against the fastest bowler in the world because you have full time and you can estimate the bounce and swing of the ball there.

“Rishabh Pant is still very young and he will learn a lot in the near future,” Kirmani said. As a batsman he needs to learn how to play according to the situation. In Brisbane, he played a responsible innings and led the team to victory. Rishabh also had many occasions before when the team could have won, but he lost his wicket. That said, he lost his wicket at the wrong time against England and England won. He made 91 off 88 balls in the first innings against England.

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