Olivier Giroud becomes the oldest player to take a hat-trick in the Champions League

Seville, Ians. Chelsea topped their group with a 4-0 win over Spanish club Savia in the Champions League Group E match. The four goals for the English club were scored by Olivier Giroud (eighth, 54th, 74th and 83rd minutes), making Giroud, 34, the oldest player to take a hat-trick in the Champions League. After the Champions League match on Wednesday, he tweeted: “Olivier Giroud, the oldest player to score a hat-trick in the Champions League, scored four goals in Sevilla. ‘

“I’m the happiest person on the field,” Ufa.com quoted Girod as saying. I’m just trying to do my job. Maintain confidence. I just try to contribute to the team and sometimes you know anything can happen and tonight was one of them. With this, Giroud became the first player since 2010 to score four goals in a single match for Chelsea. Earlier, the team’s current manager Frank Lampard scored four goals against Aston Villa in March 2010.

PSG beat Neymar’s own Manchester United

Manchester, Ions. Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) beat hosts Manchester United 3-1 in the Champions League Group H match on the strength of two circles from Brazil’s star footballer Neymar. Manchester United have suffered their fourth defeat at home this season. Neymar scored in the sixth minute to give PSG the lead at Old Trafford Ground, but Manchester United equalized at half-time. Marcus Rashford scored in the 32nd minute of the match for the hosts.

Markinos then scored another goal in the 69th minute to give PSG a 2-1 lead. The following minute Manchester midfielder Fred was shown a red card and Manchester had to play with 10 players. Manchester United were one goal behind for the allotted time. Neymar scored another goal in injury time to give PSG a 3-1 victory. This is the third goal in four matches against Manchester United. This is his 38th goal in the Champions League.

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