India’s defeat The former England captain tweeted in Hindi, “I have already warned

Indvs Eng: A four-Test series is being played between India and England under the ICC World Test Championship. The hosts lost the first match of the series, while England beat India in the first Test to make the final race of the World Test Championship interesting. Former England captain and great batsman Kevin Pietersen’s tweets on India’s controversial defeat are going viral.

After India’s defeat by more than 200 runs, Kevin Pietersen tweeted in Hindi, “India, remember, I have already warned you not to celebrate so much when you beat Australia at home. “Peterson’s tweet is now going viral on social media. He often tweets in Hindi and just before the series he tweeted in Hindi, in which he warned the Indian team in a humorous accent.

In that tweet, Kevin Pietersen wrote, “India, celebrate this historic victory, as it has been overcome against all odds, but the real team (England) is coming a few weeks later, which should be the loser at home. Be careful, beware of excessive celebration in 2 weeks. “In fact, India beat Australia 2-1 in a four-match Test series in which many players, including captain Virat Kohli, were not part of the team.

Kevin Peters, who has been seen tweeting in Hindi on several occasions, also revealed in a tweet that he is being taught Hindi. He said Indian wicketkeeper-batsman Shrivastava Goswami was teaching him Hindi. Peterson loves India very much. They also feel good playing here.

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