England captain and coach meet ICC match referee in Pink Ball Test due to poor umpires

England head coach Chris Silverwood and captain Joe Root have demanded the match referee that the third umpire’s decisions should be consistent, as the third umpire made the initial decisions during the third Test when Narendra Modi was playing at the stadium. Captain Root and coach Silverwood approached ICC match referee Javgal Srinath and objected to the decisions.

In fact, Indian opener Sumana Gill was caught by Ben Stokes in the slip. The on-field umpire dismissed him as a soft dismissal, but demanded a review to catch the third umpire. Third umpire C. Shamuddin gave a note to Sumana Gill after the clip and said that all-rounder Stokes caught the catch from the grass.

In another incident, Ben Swock made a sharp stumping and at the same time Rohit Sharma’s bat came into the crease, but the third umpire did not give out Rohit. The guest team claims that the third umpire made quick decisions without seeing any other camera angles. According to a Crisinfo report, coach Silverwood and captain Root approached match referee Srinath after the first day’s match.

A spokesman for the England team said: “The England captain and chief coach spoke to the match referee after the match. The captain and head coach acknowledged the challenges facing the umpires and respectfully asked if there should be continuity in the decision-making process. The match referee said the captain was asking the right questions from the umpires. England batsman Jack Crowley also expressed frustration over some of the umpire’s decisions.

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