Drugs rally from Bollywood to cricket, find out what Sherlyn Chopra made a big revelation

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Sherlyn Chopra has spoken to the media on the issue of drugs spreading rapidly in the film industry. “The NCB is doing a very good job,” said Sherlyn Chopra. At the same time, Sherlyn Chopra has made a big revelation that the wives of big cricketers and superstars take drugs.

Sherlyn said, “The NCB is doing a very good job. For many years we have been believing that those who are our superstars, they are divas, they are our gods and goddesses. Today it has come up against the reality of the gods. These people take the goods. How often they take the goods, when – when they will take, now they will go to the NCB and say. ”

Talking about the drugs party, Sherlyn Chopra said, Went to Kolkata to watch the match. A post-match party was held after the match. I went to that party too. At that party I saw cricketers, Bollywood celebs doing everything. I danced and had fun with everyone there. I was tired of dancing. So I went to the washroom to freshen up. I was shocked to see what was going on there. ”

He further said, “The wives of our cricket superstars were snooping on white powder i.e. cocaine. Seeing this made me wonder what these people do and why. Then they are laughing. Then I gave them a smile and I left. I felt like I was in the wrong place. Then I saw that they were all gossiping, partying. The party streak doesn’t stop after the drugs. One party after another. ” However, during this time, Shirley did not name any cricketer or his wife. He said they would be told when the call would come from the NCB.

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