Dhoni drove from Ahmedabad to Rajasthan, saw a different estimate of ‘Captain Cool’

Zalorઃ The fourth Test between India and England is currently underway in Ahmedabad. A few days ago, Shikhar Dhawan and Shreshay came to Ahmedabad from Udaipur by car. So now Indian cricket team captain Kool Mahendra Singh Dhoni reached Zalor in Rajasthan by car from Ahmedabad. Arriving at Jakhla village, he inaugurated a school built at a cost of Rs 2 crore.

Rajasthan government minister Sukhram Bishnoi and Zalor MP Devji Patel were also present on the occasion. Dhoni was involved in the program along with some of his teammates.

During the program, Dhoni talked to the students in the school classroom for some time. He said in the program that he felt very good coming to Rajasthan. Next time I will try to stay here longer.

While traveling by car from Ahmedabad, Dhoni stopped at a farm house at a place on the way. Where he rested for a while on the bed. He also drank tea in a local fence.

Crowds of fans flocked to see Dhoni during the event. The local police had to charge the baton as the crowd got out of control. The program was arranged according to 500 people. However, word of Dhoni’s arrival spread and more than 3,000 people flocked. Due to which the arrangement of the program was ruined.

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