Australia are no longer the best team, England should focus on beating India: Graeme Swann

LONDON: Former England spinner Graeme Swann believes the Indian team looked “almost unbeaten” after a historic Test win in Australia and that his “passion for the Ashes” would be a major achievement if England beat Virat Kohli next month.

England will visit India for a four-Test series from February 5, followed by five T20s and three ODIs. “Even though skipper Kohli is not available after the first match, India have dominated Australia as they can make very few teams,” Swann said.

A great achievement to defeat India at home

“England always say there’s going to be an Ashes series,” Swann told The Sun. Australia is no longer the best team in the world. Sometimes they lived far ahead, far ahead. Not so now but we have a passion for it. “We have to move on from the Ashes series,” he said. I think it is a great achievement to beat India in India right now. He is almost invincible in India since his victory in 2012. ”

“If England want to be the best team in the world, they have to go ahead and try to beat Australia in Australia,” Swann said. The Ashes series will be played in Australia from December this year.

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