Xiaomi will launch three foldable phones next year, rivaling Samsung and Motorola

Xiaomi has become a popular brand among users today and the company has unloaded smartphones in every segment of the market. Xiaomi folding phone will also be seen in the market soon. Recently the company stated that it is now working on a folding phone and the curtain could be lifted in the year 2021. After which the existing folding phones already in the market may get a huge bump. So far Samsung and Motorola have seen folding phones. But now Omi is also going to join this list.

DSCC CEO Ross Young says they are preparing not one or two but three new smartphones simultaneously in the year 2021. Which will be quite different in terms of design. It will have a different and special design in out folding, folding and clamshell. According to the report, Omi may use Samsung display and LG display for OLED panels in its folding phone. However, no other information has been given yet.

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