Worst cyber attack on India after Japan in 2020: report

IBMThe Security X-Force report states that in the year 2020, India had the highest number of cyber attacks in the Asia-Pacific region after Japan. According to the report, attacks by cybercriminals last year were concentrated in business areas, which have to do the most in the epidemic of Covid-19. These sectors include hospitals, medical and pharmaceuticals manufacturers as well as a number of companies in the energy sector. It may be recalled that these areas were actively working in the midst of the Covid 15 epidemic.

According to the IBM report, India is the second most affected country in the Asia-Pacific region. While the first place was Japan. Seven per cent of the total cyber attacks in Asia last year were on Indian companies. The financial and insurance sectors accounted for the highest 60 per cent cyber attacks, according to the report. The list of cyber attacks then includes product and commercial services.

When it comes to the type of cyber attack, there is ransomware above. Which accounts for about 40% of the total cyber attacks. In addition, the IBM X Force report has monitored digital currency mining and found that the server access attack has had a major impact on Indian companies in the past year.

Sudip Das, Security Software Technical Sales Leader, IBM Technology Sales, India, South Asia, said, “We have also used public health information, including targeted attacks on key components of the vaccine supply chain using relief operations and public health information. . ‘

Sudip Das said that these are still issues in 2021. Das said organizations need to strengthen their cloud environments to take advantage of the zero-confidence approach and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for their security strategies, so that dynamic behaviors and movements in hybrid cloud environments can be tested, monitored and detected.

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