WhatsApp will be overwhelmed Made in India messaging app ‘Sandesh’ will see many features

InstantThe messaging app WhatsApp is very popular in India and new features are added to provide a better chatting experience to the users. But now in the application ‘message’ created ‘a, i, j, a. Which is ready and currently in the testing phase. This application has been developed by the Government of India and is currently being used by government officials. This application will be launched for all after completion of testing.

You have to visit WWW.GIMS.gov.in website to know about this application. Where you will find a lot of important information about it. You can also learn how to sign it into the app. It is said that OTT has been used to sign-up this app for privacy reasons. This application is called Government Instant Messaging System.

App design and logo

Official app Speaking of the design and logo of Snyder, this app has the logo of Ashok Chakra. It has three layers of tricolor color. This application has been a Digital India initiative. It will be available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Features of Sandes App

If we talk about the features of the des app in this app, in addition to chatting, the voice-calling feature will also be given to the users from this app. That is, this voice-calling can also be taken advantage of. The application will control India’s national infographics sensor. Users can sign in to this application in three ways. These include sign in message LDAP, message OTP and sign in Sandes Web. You will get OTP after selecting any of these options. Currently, the sign-up facility is only for government officials as it is still in the testing phase and will be launched for users soon.

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