Whatsapp is bringing new features, maneuver to retain users amid privacy policy controversy

The messaging app is bringing new features to keep users engaged at a time when many people have decided to shut down Whatsapp following a privacy policy controversy. Is. Whatsapp is also going to launch voice and video call feature for its own web version.

WhatsApp’s new feature

There was already a lot of talk about WhatsApp’s new feature, but this time a user confirmed in a way that WhatsApp is also going to launch an audio video feature for its web version. This verified Twitter user tweeted and shared a screenshot showing the web version of Whatsapp showing the option of audio and video calling as well as writing BETA.


Testing in feature version

This clearly means that the WHATSAPP company is testing this feature version of itself. And this feature will be launched soon. However, WHATSAPP has not provided any information in this regard. But WHATSAPP also says that the company will gradually roll out this feature. As per the report of Wabetainfo, let us inform you that at present some people have got the feature of making oral video calling in the WHATSAPP web version. Because these are all in beta version and the company is investigating this new feature.

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