WhatsApp: From payments services to disappearing messages, many new features have been added this week

New Delhi: This week, Facebook-owned WhatsApp is adding many new features to its platform. Most importantly, payment features have now been launched for a large number of users on the messaging service platform. This facility has been waiting for almost the last 2 years. Some such important features have been included on the platform. Let us know about them.

1. WhatsApp Storage Management Tool

An improved version of the storage management tool is very good and useful. Users can now view and delete all forwarded photos, videos, and files in the section. In addition, WhatsApp now has a feature that allows users to delete all chat media files separately. In the older version, the bottom is just a ‘free up’ option and it shows how much chat is stored. First, you have to go to the chat profile to check all the photos and videos.

Now in the new version you can see all the media and then you can decide whether to keep that media or delete it. In addition, WhatsApp now has a dedicated section that shows files larger than 5MB in size.

2. WhatsApp disappearing message:

WhatsApp has introduced this new feature and it is expected to be like Telegram. However, this is not the case. You can enable this feature for each chat. But the message will disappear after 7 days. You cannot set a timer when you should deliver your message.

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