What does it mean after the International Atomic Energy Agency received limited approval for the investigation?

IranAn agreement has allowed the International Atomic Energy Agency limited access to its nuclear program. Iran’s decision is important in many ways. In fact, Iran had earlier announced that it would not co-operate with international investigators, after which a temporary agreement was signed between Tehran and the agency. Iran’s current approval is the result of this agreement.

Let me also tell you that a law was passed in the Iranian parliament at the end of last year. It said inspections by international nuclear energy agencies would be partially suspended if President Donald Trump did not lift sanctions on them at the time. The decision was to take effect on February 23.

Experts believe that the formation of a consensus on the issue between the two before its implementation could be a positive attempt to remove the future from the Iranian side. Iran has said no changes will be made to the number of agency investigators. The agency’s investigation will continue for three months.

Earlier in August 2020, Iran allowed an international agency to inspect two suspected nuclear sites. Iran said it had nothing to hide, so it had no hesitation in doing so. Regarding the agreements currently being signed, the agency’s director general, Rafael Marono Grossi, says the review of the consensus between the two will continue. If the agency wants to suspend it, it can.

It is noteworthy that Iran has always been in the international world. It is not that the kind of permission that Iran has given this time was not given earlier. Even then, the decision could lead Iran to a nuclear deal between him and the United States. It includes the U.N. It also includes permanent members of the Security Council.

Prof. of Jawaharlal Nehru University. AK Pasha believes that the treaty between the two countries is expected to be re-examined. He also says that Iran is always trying to dominate the whole region. Its nuclear program is also the result. But because of our restrictions, it is facing many problems. They can expand to some extent by adopting a flexible approach to its nuclear programs internationally.

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