TRAI took stern action against telecom companies, saying – give clear information to customers on mobile tariffs

New Delhi: The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on Friday issued new guidelines for the publication of advertisements and tariff schemes for telecom companies. The aim is to bring transparency about mobile plans for consumers and help them make informed decisions.

“It has been found that the existing processes of telecom companies are not as transparent as they should be,” TRAI said in its guidelines. Some companies do not publish additional terms and conditions. Also, often all the terms and conditions are written on the same web page for different plans. In such a situation, either the customers do not understand this information or the information is lost somewhere. ”

Radically changing the regulatory requirements of the entire process, TRAI said companies should be fully aware of every postpaid and prepaid tariff plan in their service area within 15 days, complete details of offers to customers, customer care centers, sales centers, retail centers, websites and applications. Under this, companies will have to provide complete information on how many minutes of calls, how many SMS, data and its charges, post-limit data and data speed and post-limit charges.

Apart from this, companies will also have to provide information about their connection fees, deposits, additional fares, etc. to postpaid customers. Information about special tariff vouchers, combo plans or -add on plans also has to be provided in a transparent manner.

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