This is the most precious substance in the world, 1 gram is worth billions of rupees …

Mumbai: We all know about expensive diamond jewelery, gold and silver jewelery, which are worth millions. But do you realize what the most expensive substance in the world is? Its price is so high that you can’t even believe it. In fact, the cost of one gram of this most expensive substance in the world is estimated to be more than 7553 billion rupees.

This substance is called antimatter. You may have hardly heard the name of this substance, but in science it is considered as a mysterious substance. According to scientists, the antimatter is exactly the same as an object, but this is quite different from a normal object. The sub-molecules of the antimatter have the opposite properties from the mentor. After the Big Bang, antimatter came into being with matter, but antimatter is rare in the universe today, and so far it has been a mystery to scientists why this happened.

You would think that an antimatter might be some imaginary object, so it is not available. But let me tell you, it is not a fictional object but a real object. It was discovered in the 20th century. The antimatter was first told to the world by scientist Paul Dirac in 1928. Since then it has been a subject of curiosity for scientists.

According to scientists, the matter and antimatter spread immediately after the Big Bang. In such a situation, when the two came in contact with each other, their collision released a very large amount of energy in the form of gamma rays. It is believed that most of the objects were destroyed in this collision, but a few surviving objects are still available in the universe. But since such substances are available in very small quantities, their cost is very high.

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