This change in speed will take place once the commercial use policy of Geo Fiber’s Unlimited Broadband plan is completed.

New Delhi: Reliance Jio has recently made some changes in its plan for Jio Fiber users. According to a report, on “Truly Unlimited” plans, Geo Fiber users will be switched to a speed of 1 Mbps, reaching 3.3 TB on commercial use. That is, now this plan will not give unlimited speed. Reliance Jio also announced its new broadband plans last week, starting at Rs 399 per month.

According to a report by Telecomtech, the plans were initially announced to allow unlimited internet access for all users. However, shortly after the announcement, it turned out that the speed will be switched after the policy of commercial use of Geo Fiber users. Speed ​​will be limited to 1 Mbps after using 3.3 TB or 3,300 GB. According to the report, this speed is in line with Airtel’s offer, although operators, including Tata Sky Broadband, offer users up to 3 Mbps for their FUP cross-country users.

According to the report, Geo has stated in its terms and conditions that it is appropriate to change the plans. Geo will offer High Range Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) only to users who have paid a security amount of Rs 3,500. Users who pay a security amount of Rs 1,500 will get a mid-range CPE. This shows that there will be a slight difference in experience for users going with the cheaper option. With this, Geo said that users who can register for broadband service from August 15 to 31 can use redeemable coupons.

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