This app spies your WhatsApp, delete it from the phone immediately

New Delhi: If you have an application called FlixOnline in your Android smartphone, you should delete it immediately. This app spies your whatsapp. Recently, this app has gone quite viral on WhatsApp.

Fake claims about the application

However, claims are being made about FlixOnline that are completely fake. It is being said that this application is to show the global content of Netflix. But you should not fall into this trap because the truth is that it is specially made to spy on WhatsApp.

Dangerous for the phone

This app reads all the messages of WhatsApp. Not only that, it also gives a message to the hacker. This application is associated with the message that the hacker sends, through which all the information of your phone reaches the hacker.

This app keeps track of all WhatsApp notifications. It also often gives an automatic answer and you don’t even know it. After being installed in the phone, this application takes various permissions including instructions. This app and all other apps appear above it. It also stays at the top of the notification panel.

Application removed from Google Play Store

However, this application has been removed from the Google Play Store. But in the past, this app has gone quite viral and hundreds of people have downloaded it. If your phone has this application, delete it immediately.

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