These three apps can be the best alternative to Twitter, Learn Features

New Delhi: The micro-blogging platform Twitter is very popular in the country and the world. However, there was a recent dispute between the Indian government and Twitter. The government accused Twitter of taking a different approach in India and other parts of the world. Not only that, many leaders, including many Union ministers, announced the adoption of this platform option. In such a situation, people are trying to figure out what Twitter’s alternatives might be. Although Twitter has many options, some of them are gaining popularity in India. This also includes the Made in India application.

Koo App

Ku App is a micro-blogging platform, coming out as a great alternative to Twitter in India. The popularity of this app is constantly growing. Many of its features are similar to Twitter and many of the features are also quite advanced. This application is considered to be the original version of Twitter. What is special is that this application can be used in many Indian languages ​​besides English. This is the reason why its popularity is growing rapidly. Many Union Ministers have also entered this forum, which has made people very excited to know about it.


After Twitter, Tumblr is the most popular micro-blogging platform worldwide. It is owned by Yahoo. Many of its features are similar to Twitter. With this platform, you can share photos and videos in addition to text. It is also very easy to use. It has over 100 million downloads on the Play Store, making it a huge platform. It is considered to be Twitter’s biggest rival.


It is an emerging microblogging platform, whose popularity continues to grow. More than one lakh downloads have been made on the Google Play Store so far. Plrk was founded in 2008. Many of its features are similar to Twitter. You can share up to 210 characters of text on this platform. It also has some unique features. You can do group conversations on this platform. Apart from this photos and videos can also be shared.

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