The world’s deadliest AK-47 rifle, find out how many bullets fire in a minute …

Moscow: Russia is one of the world’s largest arms producers and is constantly developing new advanced weapons. This time he has built a more lethal AK-47 rifle.

The AK-47 rifle, considered the world’s deadliest rifle, is now becoming more dangerous. Russia has now developed an advanced version of this rifle AK-521. It is said that the new version will be the most dangerous of the AK series rifles ever made. The AK-521 will be a lethal rifle that can pierce enemies at a distance of 800 meters with 1000 bullets in 1 minute.

According to a report, maintenance of AK-521 rifle will also be less. It will use 7,62 × 39, 5,56 × 39 and 5,56 × 45 tablets. It can also be easily used for deployment in forest or mountainous areas. It is believed that the Kalashnikov Concern Company will prepare an export version of the rifle as soon as possible. So that it can be presented to friendly countries for sale. Like all rifles in the AK-500 series, the AK-521 will have an upper and lower receiver. Most of the parts in this rifle are made of metal to withstand the load. Along with this the polymer is experimented on the handle of the rifle and the holding points in front of the magazine.

The AK-521 can hit accurately up to 800 meters

The range of the AK-521 rifle will be 800 meters, the report claims. That means it can pile up an enemy 800 meters away with an unerring target. However the company has not officially stated the range of the rifle. The AK-521 uses a strong metal between the optics binding and the barrel. So that there is no risk of cracking during operation or maintenance. Kalashnikov Concern AK-47 rifles are used by the armies of more than 2 dozen countries around the world. In addition, due to its easy maintenance, these rifles are increasingly used by terrorist organizations.

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