The banned Chinese app is entering the market under a new name, find out what the government said

New Delhi: These apps are coming in a new incarnation in the country after the banning of several Chinese apps including Tick-Talk. Over the last few months, these new names have started appearing in the Indian App Store. For example, Snake Video has recently been launched with a Tencent-backed Cuishow key. This is similar to the video of Kawai, which was banned in June.

Features similar to the ban app in many apps

Indians have started using the right number of snake videos. It also has features like short video tick-tock. Tick-tock is an application from Chinese tech company Byddance. Similarly, HEGOs allow users to create chat rooms and talk to strangers and play games with them. (Hago) applications have now been introduced to Ola Party instead.

Previously the HEGO app was banned. The new app has no gaming option but the sign-in feature is the same. It also features friends and chat rooms from Hague. Asked about the banned apps appearing on the Play Store again, the Ministry of Electronics and IT said this should not happen. The ministry has released a list of such apps that should not be seen in the Indian Play Store.

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