TECH INFO: Satellite trader caught in honeytrap, whole scam exposed after fake police caught

Now if you make friends with a stranger with an app, beware because a businessman from Satellite in Ahmedabad got friends with a girl named Janvi through a tender application after he divorced his wife. The young woman and her companions got together and were trapped in a honeytrap. Asked for Rs 50 lakh and settled for Rs 20 lakh. The trader also had a hypoglassemia attack. However the suspicious role of the satellite police in this case has come to the fore. After the entire incident was caught by the Anandnagar police, the satellite police called the trader and registered a complaint. The 41-year-old trader, who lives on Bopal Ambli Road, runs a forex trading business. They were married eleven years ago. Although divorced four years ago. The merchant recently downloaded the Tinder app.

He later sent a friend request to a young woman named Janvi. They met at the Khetla Apa tea stall on SG Highway a few days ago after the conversation in the message. The two also promised to meet later the next day. We met the next day and later a young woman named Janvi asked me to go to a secluded place and took me to the flat at Vaishno Devi. After reaching the flat at Vaishno Devi, Janvi took off his top and later asked the trader to take off his clothes. When the three men broke into the flat, they found out that he was their sister and beat up the trader. One person took Janvi and left. When a man named Yuvraj Singh was working as a policeman in Gota police station, he was threatening to get involved in a rape case. The case was registered under various sections of the Satellite, including Janvi, Samir Charania and Aashiq Desai, for threatening Gondhi.

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