TECH: Google turns 22, the company creates a special doodle

Google is celebrating its 20th birthday on September 27, although Google was launched on September 4. Every year on the special occasion of Google’s birthday, the company creates a special doodle. Created a video doodle that is really stunning. In today’s doodles, cakes and gifts are placed in front of Google. Find by typing the barrel roll. After this, your screen will rotate a full 360 degrees once. If you search after type 2 after the barrel roll, the screen will rotate twice. As soon as you search Google by typing the title, you will find many results. Now you have to click on the first link. As soon as you click on the link, your phone screen will blink a bit. On the left side of the screen will appear a long aluminum pole, which is not normally seen on Google. You don’t have to worry though, because even if this hangs on your phone, it won’t be affected. If you want to know what Google looked like in a particular year or what Google looked like in a particular year, you can search a bit like this in Google.

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