Surrounded by cyber attack on India’s power grid, Chinese government, US lawmaker says stand up for New Delhi

China is focusing on the blackout conspiracy in Mumbai through cyber attacks. A senior US lawmaker has called on the Biden administration to speak out against Beijing’s move and stand with India. U.S. Even before that China has been raising its voice on grandfathering.

MP Frank Palon told the Biden administration, “The United States should stand with New Delhi in protesting against China’s cyber attack on India’s power grid. “The USA should stand with our strategic ally (India) and condemn China’s dangerous cyber attack on the power grid in India,” Palon tweeted. This move by the Xi Jinping government also forced hospitals to resort to power failure and generators to treat patients in this era of epidemics. ‘

Citing the future of the Massachusetts-based company Recorded, which monitors Internet activity in various countries, Palo tweeted: The US State Department said China was fully aware of the report on the conspiracy against India. The US is committed to working together with all countries in the world to respond to threats in cyberspace.

It is said that on October 12, 2020, there was a sudden power outage in Mumbai. Essential services were also disrupted as supplies were disrupted. The worst affected areas were Juhu, Panghi, Mira Road, Navi Mumbai, Thane and Panvel. Petrol pumps in many areas, all pumping stations in Tha Nena were closed. Casey College exam of Mumbai University had to be rejected.

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