SURAT: Young man breaking engagement made nasty video, Sagira attempted suicide

15-year-old Sagira, who lives in Nanpura, Surat, went to the Dharmaguru’s program, while Murtuza also came from Mumbai to serve there. The two fell in love and the family decided to get engaged on January 20 and get married at the age of 18. After the engagement, the young man started living in her house. The youth stayed at his house till May when the lockdown in Teva came. Sagira’s family broke off the engagement in May after the two failed to reconcile. So the young man was going to Mumbai. Going to Mumbai, the youth uploaded a nasty video and photo of Sagira on social media and threatened to kill her. Sagira was notorious for leaking videos and photos on social media. Fearing notoriety, Sagira attempted phenyl P suicide at her home on the 11th. He is currently hospitalized and his condition is improving.

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