Social media in India will be curbed! Such new rules may come

New Delhi: The violence in Delhi on January 26 was reactivated after controversial users were banned on Twitter. Twitter’s attitude after the incident has caused outrage among the people. The Indian government is now preparing to take control of social media companies. Which is making new rules with that in mind.

Efforts are being made by various countries around the world to control powerful tech companies. Just last week, Facebook had to contend with the government in Australia over the issue of payment. Facebook banned the news page on its Australian platform. This was followed by criticism from all over the world.

The government also ordered the removal of some tweets and a ban on such Twitter handles during the ongoing farmers’ agitation against three new agricultural laws in India. Twitter refused, citing various rules for not complying with the government’s order. New Delhi expressed displeasure over this.

The government has drafted the Intermediate Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code to prevent such a situation in the future and to control social media. The rules pave the way for social media companies like Facebook-Twitter to take control of web entertainment platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

According to the rules, web companies have to carefully and faithfully consider any activities, beliefs or activities related to the ideas of any ethnic or religious group, taking into account the multinational and multi-ethnic society of India. The new rules will make Y-based ratings and advice mandatory with web series content.

Facebook, Twitter and the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology have not commented on the rules. It was not immediately clear when the rules would apply. However, according to sources, this will be a major blow to the investment plans of major tech companies in India.

Take a look at the new rules coming up
Disputed content must be removed from the platform within a maximum of 36 hours after the order.
Any investigation or cyber security incident must be reported within 72 hours of the request.
Posts related to pornographic content or behavior must be removed within one day of the complaint.
Companies will have to deploy a Chief Compliance Officer and a Grievance Redressal Officer, who will be an Indian citizen.

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