Smart contact lenses: Tears will tell the condition of the heart, you will also find information about blood sugar

New Delhi: You will no longer need to provide a blood sample for a blood sugar report. Scientists have now developed smart contact lenses that will provide information about blood sugar and heart disease through tear readings. Data will be transferred directly from the lens sensor to the computer and also from wireless.

U.S., U.K. And Chinese researchers have created a beautiful smart contact lens. After applying it, you will be able to monitor your diseases. This contact lens will check the blood sugar level in the body with the help of tears and warn you. According to Professor Yunlong Zhao, a member of the lens-making team, these smart lenses will increase the brightness of the eyes as well as provide information about diseases.

The lens first checks the level of blood sugar present in the tears and then sends the data wirelessly to the computer. After that, the computer can be seen on the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Shiki Guo, a professor at Harvard University who is involved in the research, says the lens is too thin. A sensor and a circuit are placed between the two lenses. When tears come in contact with these sensors, the sensor sends data to the computer using a circuit. Microchips have also been used in this lens.

The great thing is that zoom in and zoom out are also provided in this lens. For example, if you want to see something by zooming in, you have to blink your eyelids. This lens also has night vision, i.e., you can see even at night. US startup Mojo Vision has said it will launch a prototype of this smart lens by the end of this year.

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