Scientists create portable pocket-sized machine that will now test corona virus in minutes

New Delhi: Corona infection is still rampant all over the world. On the one hand, where the corona vaccination program is progressing rapidly in almost all countries, on the other hand, scientists are constantly investigating the epidemic and also searching for early detectors of the disease. In the same vein, scientists have now developed a portable, pocket-size test that can not only test the Covid-19 in minutes, but also create viruses to track mutations and the spread of forms.

Able to detect many other viruses

According to the researchers, the test is called Nirvana. This covid 19 can present positive and negative tests of 96 samples, other viruses such as influenza A, human adenovirus, and non-SARS-COV-2 human coronavirus are in real time. At the same time, research published in the journal Med shows that within three hours, Nirvana can also discover new types such as B..1.1.7 identified in Britain.

Very cheap test

According to Juan Carlos Espisua Belmonte, a professor at the Silk Institute for Biological Studies, it is a virus detection and surveillance method that does not require as much expensive infrastructure as other methods. According to the researchers, it is very important to test the population to prevent the spread of the virus. Also, tracking new covid variants, some of which may react differently to a treatment or vaccine, is important.

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