SCIENCE: Extinct wild horse breed redeveloped from 40 year old DNA sample!

Scientists have for the first time created a horse of the Prajewalski breed from 40-year-old DNA. He is named Kurt. This is the last breed of wild horse. Kurt was born Aug. 6 at Timber Creek Veterinary in Texas using surrogacy techniques. Prajewalski is an endangered species. A DNA sample from Kurt’s ancestor Coopervoice was preserved in 1980. Kurt will help develop the species and boost its genetic diversity, scientists said. About 40 years ago, horses of this breed were found in zoos and wildlife parks. There are less than 2,000 horses of this species worldwide. Horses of this species were last seen in the wild in 1969. The endangered species can be saved with the help of the advanced reproductive technique cloning that Kurt was born with, says Ryan Fellain, director of the Revival and Restoration Institute. Species can be developed with the help of their closest ancestors.

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