Realmy can also bring a transparent phone after Xiaomi, the company shared a picture

New Delhi: After Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi, Realmy can now launch transparent phones. The company is launching its Realmy X7 series tomorrow. Under the category, two smartphones Realmy X7 and Realmy X7 Pro can be introduced in the market. Before the launch of the series, Reality India CEO Madhav Sethe showed a glimpse of a photo of the transparent version of the upcoming phone Realmy X7 Pro. After which the speculation has gained momentum that the company is going to bring a transparent phone soon.

CEO Madhav Sethe shared a picture of the transparent version of Realmy X7 Pro on Twitter and got feedback from users. He asked the users if they want a transparent version of the company Realmy X7 Pro to be launched? On which these Twitter users gave different opinions. Many people liked this phone while some people did not like this phone.

What’s special about this

In the photo shared on Twitter, there is no color scheme in the actual panel of the phone. Black color has been used more in the back panel. This photo also shows the interior of the phone. The part seen on the inside of the phone seen in the photo is believed to be an NFC coil.

Glazed edge

According to the company, this is a demo phone and it is so transparent that its edges glow in bright light. In the photo, a rectangular rear camera layout with rounded corners is also shown on the rear panel.

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