QR code scanning is a big fraud, be careful when making a payment

New Delhi: Nowadays we pay online for most of the work. From buying fruits and vegetables to shopping malls and petrol pumps, we scan QR codes and pay online. But now you need to be very careful. Nowadays cyber criminals are fraudulently using QR codes. Cybercriminals have made it a new weapon. Today we are going to tell you what is QR code phishing.

Let us tell you that the first QR code was created in Japan. Now, after the ban, its trend has also increased rapidly in India. In this case, if you scan the QR code and pay, you need to be very careful. Your slightest negligence can lead you to big cheating. In this way criminals are cheating millions of crores. However, if you take a little precaution, you can save money.

How QR fraud occurs

These days people are moving towards digital transactions. But with this, cyber crime is also increasing rapidly. Incidents of cyber fraud are constantly coming up day by day. When making payments without contact, we scan the QR code and transfer the money. Froster only takes advantage of this car. Such people make changes to the QR code. With which your payment goes into the fraudster’s account. Changing the QR code to enter another QR code is called QR code phishing. With this, your money does not go to the shopkeeper and goes to the fraudster’s account.

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