PUBG Mobile India’s trailer may launch soon, gaining more popularity than FAU-G

New Delhi: Now there is another good news for PUBG mobile enthusiasts. Pubji Corporation has announced that it has a trailer ready for Pubji Mobile India. Along with this, it has also started speculating that its launch date will be revealed in this trailer of Pubji. At the same time, pre-registrations for Pubji Mobile India have also been started. Android and iOS users can register to play the Indian version of PUBG. PUBG is more popular in India than FAUG.

Pubji’s craze is greater than FAU-G

After the ban on pubji in India, discussions to start the FAUG game intensified. The game was due to start this month. At the same time, the craze of PUBG Mobile Indiana is being seen among more game lovers. So far, more than three lakh people have registered for Pubji.

Register this way

To play PUBG Mobile India, Android and iOS users can pre-register in the game sharing community of TapTap. This feature is only available to community members. So far, about three lakh users have registered to play Pubji. The tapetop store has a rating of 9.8. To date, however, the company that makes the Pubji game has not given any official information.

New ID will not be required

According to a report, in Pubji Mobile India, users will not have to enter a new ID. In this case, only the old user ID will work. Apart from this, the India version of Pubji will be slightly different from the global version and will be able to run with the old eye. It is treated as an updated version. For PUBG, users have to check this time. The company has implemented it for safety.

Azure will secure the data

According to the news, Pubji has teamed up with Microsoft’s cloud service Azure to protect users’ data this time. Preparations are being made to keep users’ data safe, in accordance with Government of India regulations on data privacy and security.

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