PUBG is back! Pre-registration for Battleground Mobile India begins, learn how to register to get special prizes

New Delhi: Pre-registration for Battleground Mobile India has started. Earlier in the country, Pubji Mobile India had announced the option in May. However, the company has not yet officially announced the launch date in India. However, players will be able to pre-register to receive a special prize after the game goes live in India. Here you will learn how to register for Battleground Mobile India.

How to register?
To pre-register for Batgrounds Mobile India, search the game on Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can click here to redirect to the game’s Google Play Store list. Then tap on “Pre-Register”. Once the game launches in the country you can choose to install automatically.

Pre-registration will get a special prize
Users who pre-register for Battlegrounds Mobile India are guaranteed some special rewards. The company announced that players who sign up for Batgrounds Mobile India pre-registration will receive a special prize. These include a Recon mask, Recon outfit, Celebration Expert title and 300 AG. Only Indian players are eligible to claim the special pre-registration gift of Special Battlegrounds Mobile India. They can claim the award once the application is launched in India. We hope that Crafton will make an official announcement once pre-registration begins.

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