Portronics Launches In-Car Bluetooth Receiver ‘Auto 12’ Learn Price and Features

Portable and innovative consumer electronics company Portronics has an in-car Bluetooth receiver that includes a new device in its portfolio. This device is able to equip users with Bluetooth in their normal car stereo. This device is characterized by the fact that you can comfortably enjoy listening to phone calls or streaming music while driving. Auto 12 is an add-on Bluetooth kit and without it you can easily turn your simple music system and car stereo into a wireless device.

Portronics Auto 12 Price and Availability

Portronics Auto 12 has been priced at Rs 1.2 in the Indian market. Users can buy it from all online and offline stores across the country. Users will also get a one-year warranty.

Key Features of Portronics Auto 12

Given the features of the Portronics Auto 12, it has Bluetooth 5.0 support which helps to connect to the car’s stereo at high speeds. After which you can listen to phone calls and music. The main thing is that it comes with an in-built active-in-to-cancel feature. Through which you can get a great stereo sound experience. It features better audio quality and clearer sound for users for both music and calls.

Portronics Auto 12 is equipped with voice assistant technology. Which means you can activate it with a single voice command using Google Assistant or Siri. It is a portable device that is also fairly light in weight. It has a special button to increase the bass, which can be activated with just one button and users can easily increase or decrease the audio base as per their convenience. The Bluetooth receiver is easily plugged into the home stereo with home stereo ball, car stereo and headphones 3.5 audio input. The good thing is that this device can be connected to both iPhone and Android phones.

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