Photos and extra battery saving features, did you know about it …

New Delhi: Nowadays, we always have a smartphone in our hand. In addition to watching calls, WhatsApp, messages and YouTube, we keep seeing many more apps in the phone. But often we do not make full use of the features that are in the phone. Indeed, smartphones have so many hidden features that we don’t even see or use them. Today, we bring you some of the special features of Android phones that will enhance your convenience.

How to save battery

The battery in the smartphone discharges quickly. Indeed, due to more use of the app, the phone’s battery starts to run faster. In this case, to make the battery last longer, lower the brightness of the phone first. This battery lasts longer. Go to other settings, go to battery option and enable battery saver.

Keep privacy in the phone

Often our friend or family member asks to use the phone and you don’t want anyone to see chat, video or other apps. In this case, there is a guest mode to keep privacy. After turning it on, the new user will not be able to see your phone chat, message or video. For other privacy features, go to the phone’s settings and click on the Security and Location option. After this, turn on screen pinning. You can then pin any application. In such a case, you will have your phone in your hand, you can only see the pinned application on the screen.

Auto save photo

Nowadays everyone clicks photos from the phone, in case the phone is damaged or lost, the tension of the photos saved in the phone remains. If you want, you can save photos by turning on Auto Backup on your smartphone. To do this, go to System in the phone’s settings and turn on Backup and select your Gmail ID and click on Backup Now.

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