Oppo launches Roll smartphone – AR Glass, find out what’s special

New Delhi: Chinese smartphone maker Oppo has introduced the roll concept handset OPPO X 2021 during Oppo Inno Day 2020. The company has also introduced AR Glass.

Speaking of the Oppo X2021 concept, it’s an OLED panel that you can pull it off while using (it’s automatic).

In colloquial language, it can be said that the display can be pulled outwards. That’s it, you can change the screen as much as you need. The company also unveiled the working concept of the phone at the event.

The display of the phone is 6.7 inches, but it can be changed to 7.4 inches. As the screen gets bigger, so does the software. This feature will prove to be more important for multi-tasking.

The good thing about this smartphone is that you can also adjust the screen size to your liking.

For example, its display is 6.7 inches, but if you want, you can also increase it up to 7 inches. You can adjust it to any size between 6.7 inches and 7.4 inches.

Oppo has used an OLED panel for a rollback concept smartphone and a roll motor has been used here. The phone’s motor is used when the screen of the phone is changed. I have filed patents for scroll mechanisms many times before.

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