Nokia is now bringing laptops and will sell them through Flipkart

Nokia is going to launch Lashfet in the Indian market soon and the announcing company completed the last days via teaser. Nokia’s upcoming Lashfet Nokia Purebook X14 is now listed on the e-personal website Flipkart. It is clear that this lashfet will only be made available on the exclusive Flipkart. However, its L date has not yet been announced.

The listing on Flipkart shared a picture of the Nokia PureBook X14. As well, the page is ultra light, powerful and immersive. This means that users will get these three features in this lashfet. But its date and features have not been revealed yet. But it is expected that the company will soon provide other information related to it.

In addition, Nokia PureBook 14 recently shared a post by Tipster Mukul Sharma stating that the company can share a total of 9 models in India, not just 9 models under the Nokia Purebook. While Flipkart is now only listed as Nokia PureBook 14. Suppose, according to information from Filmkart, the Dalby Vision Atmas will be used in Nokia’s Lashfet and the device will be based on the Intel Core i5 10 generation.

Let it be known that Nokia is taking action for the first time in the Lashfat segment. But at the same time the company is also going to launch its new entry level smartphone. A recent report surfaced that Nokia is bringing a new smartphone based on the December 10 Android 10 Go edition. But it will only be in China and the main thing is that this will be the company’s first smartphone with Android Go in China.

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